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Escape Essential Oil Wellbeing Candle

Escape is a luxurious blend of rich and woody cedarwood, earthy patchouli, sweet geranium, ylang ylang and vertivert. 

Light when you need a moment of escapism, find a quiet spot with your favourite book or practise breathing or meditation to take you to a place of relaxation and calm. 


Made with 100% pure essential oils

Coconut and rapeseed wax

Wooden wick

Plant based and sustainably sourced ingredients


Approx 45 hours burn time


Directions for use: Burn for 4 hours or until a full melt pool on first burn. For best results burn for 2-4 hours. Always trim the wooden wick before lighting (we recommend pinching the burnt wood off from the wick once candle has cooled and wax is set) for more information see our candle care tips. Never leave a candle burning for over 4 hours. Always refer to the general candle safety guidelines when burning. 


CLP: Contains Menthone, Vetiverol, alpha-Pinene, beta-Caryophyllene, beta-Pinene, dl-Limonene (racemic) (naturally occuring in essential oils).

Please note, Escape is one of our more subtle fragrances, please take a look at our other candles if you wish for a stronger scented candle.