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Our Ingredients

We use 100% pure coconut and rapeseed wax that is ethically and sustainably sourced. Our candles are blended with only pure aromatherapy grade essential oils only.

•    No synthetic fragrance

•   Paraben free

•    GMO free 

•    Phthalate free

•    Free from artificial colours and dyes

Create your sanctuary

Whether it's to Energise, Wind Down or Revitalise, our Essential Oil Wellbeing Candles are there to support you with your wellbeing.

Each of the essential oils in our candles have been selected and hand blended for their unique aromatherapy properties as well as their beautiful natural fragrance.

I received one of your gorgeous candles for my birthday. It looks so classy and smells divine - powerful enough to notice but not so powerful it overwhelms. I love the crackling wooden wick it made me feel warmer in this dark, wet and miserable month and has lifted my spirits.


Our Commitment